No more lost files!

No more lost files!

Each year, more than 40% of computer users lose some, and in some cases all of their files..
Do not be the next one!
Protect against loss your work, digital photos, videos, documents and all your important files with Click2Backup.
And it’s so simple, you will surely forget it’s there and is working for you. You simply need to install a small application, which “runs” in the background, and select the folders you want to backup. That ‘s all!
Click2Backup automatically backs up your files and keeps them safe in our Online data centers.
Stop buying backup units, external hard drives, flash drives or memory cards which are easily destroyed or lost and cost a lot.

Really big!

Really big!

Is your job demanding? Do you have many files, texts, images, designs, etc., and they must be safe? Do not worry. Click2Backup really has plenty of space to care for their safety. With backup space uo to 100TB you can upload everything to the “cloud”..
And for as many computers you need, without any restrictions.
With Click2Backup Enterprise edition you can add network devices, briefcase and team folders by determing the capacity on your own.
Do you need more space? No problem, contact with the Sales Department for a customized solution to your needs.

Silent, Fast, Without interruption!

Silent, Fast, Without interruption!

Click2Backup, works for you. It runs in the background and conducts backup of your precious files in real time. We have not put any restriction on the use of bandwidth, and that’s the reason it is very fast.
Don’t worry that it will slow down and difficult your work, because Click2Backup is … clever.
It automatically compresses the files before they are copied, so that they are stored faster due to their smaller size and saves only the new files or those which have been changed.
It is so clever, that knows which files to store first but also allows to you to determine the priority of your files.
Do you still worry that it may slow you down in your work?
Well, you can take action. Set the upload and download bandwidth as you want or program it to operate in a time that you want it to work so that it can take action after you finish your work.

It forgives mistakes!

It forgives mistakes!

The computer can be damaged, the hard disk may crash and the laptop may be forgotten somewhere or be stolen, these are the main causes of data loss.
Surely it has happened to you to lose or delete a file accidentally. Do not worry anymore! Click2Backup maintains the deleted files for 30 days in our Online data centers. During this time you can restore any lost or deleted file.
But even if you regret a change you made, with Click2Backup you can restore up to 30 previous versions of your file.
So, there’s no reason to be afraid of… mistakes!
Through Click2Backup Restore or your personal web portal, one click is enough to restore things the way they were before. Whether it is about a single file or your entire computer.

Extremely safe

Extremely safe

Click2Backup ensures the security of your files. It encrypts them through a highly secure protocol 128-bit SSL when they are exchanged over the Internet and with a 256-bit AES protocol (Military specifications) during their storage in the secure online data centers. So you can be sure that only you can see them.

Access from everywhere

Access from everywhere

With Click2Backup you can access your files from anywhere as long as you’re online. You can easily and quickly access and download your files on any computer, Windows or Mac, connected to the Internet, via a secure web access..
With the free application for iPhone, iPad and Android you can easily access your photos, files, music and movies directly from your mobile phone or your tablet. You may reproduce audio and video files through internet connection, without having to synchronize the devices or download files. Simply store them in the Briefcase and manage or edit them with applications from your device.
But even if you do not have an iOS or Android device there is no problem! You can simply use our specially designed for smart devices website which offers you secure access to your files.

Work... as a team!

Work... as a team!

With Click2Backup Enterprise Edition change level in the way your team works and collaborates.
You can create up to 150 users to whom you can share the available storage space in whatever way you choose, set the number of devices and define their rights. The most important is that you can create TeamFolders and specify the users who have access to them. So users from different departments can work from anywhere and collaborate with each other in such a way which will increase your company’s productivity.

Distribute your files in a professional way

Distribute your files in a professional way

Stop sending emails with huge attachments that are never received by the recipient
With Click2Backup EnterpriseEdition you can share your files with your partners through a professional Portal, personalized with your details, including your logo.
Allow everyone to see your public files, or limit access to only those you invite via an automated email that they will receive with their personal user name and password. So you are sure that your work will end up in the right hands and of course you can discontinue their access whenever you want.
And always with the high security levels of Click2Backup

Easy account management from BusinessDashboard

Easy account management from BusinessDashboard

Through an easy to use web management interface, the administrator can check the account from anywhere. He can create or cancel users, define their rights as well as specify the number of devices of each user. He can create TeamFolders, determine their size as well as the users having access to them.
He can even personalize the portal where users or partners connect to exchange files.


Backup σε όλους τους τύπους των αρχείων

Backup for all files format

Απεριόριστη αποθηκευτική χωρητικότητα.

Unlimited storage space

Λογαριασμοί Χρηστών

Number of User Accounts

Υποστηρίζει απεριόριστες συσκευές

Supports unlimited devices.

Ρύθμιση χωρητικότητας ανά Λογαριασμό χρήστη

Allocate Space to each Account

Δυνατότητα συνεχούς λειτουργίας σε real-time mode ή με χρήση χρονοπρογραμματισμού.

Possibility of continuous operation in real-time mode or with the use of scheduling

Διατηρεί  έως και  30 εκδόσεις των αρχείων.

Access up to 30 previous versions of any file .

Διατήρηση διαγραμμένων αλλά και κρυφών αρχείων

Retain Deleted and hidden files

Δωρεάν mobile έκδοση για iOS και Android

Mobile edition for iOS and Android

Κωδικοποίηση δεδομένων με πρωτόκολλο AES-256 στρατιωτικών προδιαγραφών.

Data encryption with military grade AES-256 protocol

Πρόσβαση από οποιονδήποτε WEB Browser.

Access files from any web browser

Περιβάλλον εργασίας για υπολογιστές Windows™ και Mac®

Works on Windows™ and Mac®

Δυνατότητα σύνδεσης με Briefcase

Ability to connect with Briefcase with storage space up to 2TB

Δυνατότητα σύνδεσης δικτυακών συσκευών και συσκευών NAS

Online backup for NAS and network storage devices

Συγχρονισμός αρχείων μεταξύ όλων των υπολογιστών (Με τη χρήση του Briefcase)

Sync files between your computers (With the use of Briefcase)

Εύκολη δημιουργία Team Folders για ελεγχόμενη πρόσβαση ομάδων εργασίας

Easy Setup Team Folders for group working and collaboration

FTP, SFTP and WebDAV access

Access cloud files from other applications using FTP, SFTP and WebDAV access

Web based περιβάλλον διαχείρισης όλων των λογαριασμών

Web based control panel of all the accounts

Do not loss anymore time

Protect your important files from loss