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Protect your important files from loss!


Click2Backup keeps your personal or professional data safe at any time. Hard drives and external storage devices may be damaged unexpectedly.

Click2Backup is the solution for your data security. It automatically backups and stores the data in secure remote data centers.

From now on your data is safe and can be accessed from anywhere at any time.


With just a few clicks you will always feel secure.


It doesn’t require any special skills, installation, settings and all of its functions can be done with just a few clicks.

It’s so simple, you will definitely love it!

With a simplified interface, works with both Windows™ and Mac® as well as with your mobile device using the equivalent application for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.


Cloud Storage


Cloud Storage Benefits

Data Storage - Cloud

You keep your files always with you!


You just store your files on your computer and the rest is up to Click2Backup. You can now access your files from any computer, mobile phone or tablet as long as you have internet access. See your photos, access your documents, listen to your favorite music or watch your movies wherever you are.
You no longer need to send large file attachments via email because with the “share” function everyone you wish will have access to your files.
Send your holiday photos and videos to your friends or your reports to your partners with just a click!

Cloud Storage Security

With Click2Backup you have an expert who will take care of you!


With Click2Backup you can be sure that your data is secure. It keeps up to 30 versions of stored files, while it even recovers deleted files.
Additionally, data is encoded with high safety standards so that only you can have access.

Cloud accessibility

Ready when you need it!


It has been designed in such a way so as to be fast regarding the creation and transfer of a backup. Restoration of all the data or just a single file can be done equally fast from any computer online. Or you can order a 3TB USB external hard drive for 199 €, or a 128GB Flash drive for 99 € containing your data.


It learns to operate just like you


It works in the background without using operating system resources, creating backups regardless of the number and size of the files.
It has been designed in such a way that you will not notice that is there and works for you.
You have the possibility to define the data transfer rate so as not to hinder your work or even exclude the files you do not need. In addition you can program it to work when you stop.

Cloud worth

And it is pleasantly easy to get


You will definitely find the package that suits your needs!
Click2backup is one of the most affordable solutions in the world market, maintaining the performance/price ratio in extremely high levels.
Furthermore, the expensive and fragile storage equipment belongs to the past.


Our editions

Cloud Storage - Home Edition

Home Edition

Simple, safe, affordable and technologically advanced Online backup. Protects your personal files by creating cloud copies. Also stores your recent files with history of up to thirty older versions. Ideal for home use.

Cloud Storage - Business Edition

Business Edition

Ideal for small and medium-sized enterprises. It creates backups, synchronizes the files between different devices and offers access from anywhere. Therefore you have at your disposal unlimited backup space.

Cloud Storage - Enterprise Edition

Enterprise Edition

Ideal for large enterprises and organizations. Acquire central management of your account and allow your personnel to work in Teamfolders. Furthermore, obtain access through FTP, SFTP and WebDay.


Still not convinced?

Cloud Backup - Info

I have an external hard drive, will I be safe?


The external backup devices (external hard drives, flash drives etc.) are definitely a good solution, but not an adequate one! Do you remember to backup every day? Do you sometimes forget? Do you make sure to keep your backup in a different space than your computer? Do you make sure to backup the right files? There are so many things that definitely are not conducted properly in a non automated backup solution. Start today with Click2Backup and be sure that everything is done the way it is supposed to!

Cloud Backup Hard Drives

Can I recover the data from a crashed hard disk?


Lately more and more companies are involved in Data Recovery, and in fact most of the time in a successful way. Not always though! No one can guarantee your data recovery and of course you should not forget the cost. Only the initial check costs more than the annual subscription for Click2Backup, while the recovery cost would be equal to the subscription cost of many years! Start today with Click2Backup and be sure that your data is always safe!

Cloud Backup Cost Efficiency

I think that cloudbackup is expensive, and I have to pay every year.


Think about what you’re spending for conventional backup solutions. The software purchase cost and the cost of buying high-capacity storage devices which indeed should be replaced often for safety reasons. The cost is even higher when it concerns a business or an organization. An equipment of high standards is needed and requires specialized personnel to manage and maintain it. Imagine someone else to undertake the cost and you to pay only for the capacity you use. This is the cloud and that is why it is expanding rapidly. Start using today Click2Backup and save money instantly!


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Protect your important files from loss